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The Big Announcement!

Wish Theatrical Review

WONKA Theatrical Review

Why You Should Watch Films In Theaters

Why 24 Frames Per Second?

Digital Cinema Standard Aspect Ratios

I always wanted a brother... | Short Film

Drop frame time code?

What's a 2-pop?

I tried grading like 16mm film

Dogs, Cats And All That! | Short Film

Frame Rates...

How I Film My Videos... The Video!

Closed Captioning | It's Time For Captioning!

Is Mic Choice Creative?

Who needs auto focus?

Breaking the 4th wall?

What does a limiter do?

Boom Vs Lav Mics?

I could make a log truck? | Short Film

Davinci Resolve Voice Isolation

The Internet of Things film BTS Episode 1

The camera is right! (Arri ALEXA 35)

New Camera, New Film!

The Oxygen Mishap | Short Film

Film making isn't always fun

Public TV/Radio Underwriting?

Why a film looks like film...?

Shallow Depth of Field

The Oxygen Mishap - Blooper Reel 🎬

Production Update: September 2020

Short Film Behind The Scenes | Making the call graphic

Current thoughts about Linux video editing

I'm Too Picky | Learn From My Mistakes

Shooting your videos with depth in mind

Shooting your videos with depth in mind

Channel Update | Jan 2020

BTS | How I Record My Weekly Radio Segment

Production VLOG | A look into my thoughts on upcoming video ideas

Video Production Basics | Film Slates

CentOS 8 - First Look

Day Two Lexington - WXUL/WLXL LPFM Tour

On The Road - Day One Lexington - Welcome to the city

Testing the Olive video editing software

Why I Love Open Source Software

Python Gtk Basics: Building A Basic Web Browser With Gtk

Python Gtk Basics: Building A Basic Window

Python Tutorial: Comments And Functions

Python Basics: Comments And Regular Expression Basics

Python Basics: Importing A Module And If Statements Basics

Getting Started With BASH: Writing A Basic Bash Script

My Vmix Setup